Head trolls

A black cassette tape on a white reflective surface
Image by Markus Spiske (unsplash.com)

The curse of the crickets

Allow me to wrestle with a little reality. With the release of my first album on the horizon, I brace myself for the proverbial chirp of crickets. Of course, I would be over the moon if it got one listen (from someone other than my mum), but I’m one musician amongst millions. For some perspective, consider that a small record company receives hundreds of music submissions a week—to say nothing of the countless publications on the internet, every day! And here I am, making even more music; and weird music, at that. I mean, who repeats the same tune for eight minutes and has the audacity to call it music? And who writes music about airships, anyway?

Mental block

The thing is, I have chosen this path and I am happy to have crickets (and my mum) cheer me on. The possibility of failure is part of any quest. Winston Churchill said: “Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” What a great line! I embrace it, wholeheartedly. I love making music and I enjoy blogging about it. In Show Your Work—incidentally, the inspiration behind this blog—Austin Kleon writes: “… the worst troll is the one that lives in your head.” Any creative person who cares about what they do, will know how true that is. He suggests using the block button. Well, Mister Head Troll, consider yourself blocked!


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