Sheltering airships

LZ 129 Hindenburg with RD-4 over Lakehurst May 1936
The U.S. Coast Guard Douglas RD-4 Spica escorts the Hindenburg on arrival at Lakehurst, New Jersey (USA), after its inaugural flight from Germany in 1936.

A gargantuan garage

Airship hangars are specialised buildings that are used for sheltering airships during construction, maintenance and storage. Rigid airships always needed to be based in airship hangars because weathering was a serious risk.


“Hangar”, the first track on Airship, was inspired by Hangar No. 1 at Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst (pictured above). The music describes the interior of the enormous building with driving synths, hovering strings and atmospheric percussion. I cannot wait for you to hear it!

Source: Wikipedia

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