This February

Late Summer Hills
I took this photograph as the gentle light of late summer rolled over the hills of the Overberg region. February has come and gone, and it is now autumn in South Africa, my favourite season.

I officially decided to create a small book of poetry.

Over the past year, I began composing a series of simple rhyming verses inspired by the sights and sounds of my rural surroundings. Altogether, I have written twenty-nine sketches which I started developing into complete poems in January. I now have enough material to present as a small publication and since the compositions share a theme, they should work as a collection. In the coming months, I shall devote all my attention to completing the poems, a task I very much look forward to!

Forgotten Fields Poetry Publication Progress, March 2018
A summary of the poetic sketches and my progress. “Autumn” was the first poem I ever wrote about the natural world which I hope to revise and include in the collection.

I realised that I may not release new music in 2018.

Whilst I am pleased to be working on the book, it does mean that I am not working on new music. I prefer to focus on one project at a time and consequently, a new release depends entirely on when I finish the publication. All the same, there are many new and existing musical ideas I am eager to develop, be it this year or the next, that further explore the Romantic themes of my work.

I made progress on the Lonely Swallow label.

Though I may not release music myself, this year, I will help others release theirs. I have mentioned before that Lonely Swallow has welcomed Affan, a young contemporary classical composer from London who I am very excited about. His first EP, Origins, will be the first release of the label. It is presently in the capable hands of mastering engineer Taylor Deupree. There is no official release date, yet. The label is in its infancy and I am in the fortunate position of not having to rush the process.

Lonely Swallow Label Aesthetic Mood Board
Some of the design work inspiring the aesthetic of the Lonely Swallow label.

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