You will notice on the progress list posted on 7 February 2019 that some titles are abandoned, namely “Boys and Bicycles”, “Fields and Flocks” and “So Light a Wind”. I do not abandon sketches lightly: in the first, the concept was lacking; in the second, I had explored its content in other poems so that it became somewhat academic to pursue; and in the third, the draft evolved into “The Robin-chat”, which I then listed as a new work.

Today, my interest in “Boys and Bicycles” was revived by a wandering mind, and I conceived not only of a workable theme for the sketch but also rudimentary verses with which to express it. The intention of this revised concept is to present the seasons through the ebullience and wonder of childhood—a response to the world I wish to celebrate in poetry—and thus “Boys and Bicycles” returns to the litany, but in a simpler form: “Boys”.

SubscribeStar Poetry Publication Progress (2019-02-12)
SubscribeStar Poetry Publication Progress (2019-02-12)

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