A Quick Update

Celebrating “To a Swallow”

I spent the past few days in that sweet period after finishing a work when one savours its completion, reciting over and over the lines that have consumed one for weeks.

Revisiting “The Robin-chat”

Presently, I am revisiting a verse from an earlier, completed poem—“The Robin-chat”—which it seems to me I can improve.

Composing “The Muse”

I have also made a start on developing the next sketch in line—“The Muse”—a verse acknowledging Nature as the source of my poetry.

Discarding “An Exaltation”

In addition to this, I have removed from the collection “An Exaltation”, a sketch repeating ideas I have already explored thoroughly in other poems.

Poetry Publication Progress (2019-06-15)

This week, I saw the most interesting thing: the Malachite Sunbird bathing itself not in the birdbath, but the dew-drenched leaves! It must do so, I think, for its long tail feathers. Wonderful! (I have photographed the Malachite Sunbird on many occasions, for example here.)