A Little Verse for a Little River

One last surprise has come from yesterday’s excursion: a new poetic sketch! Whilst assembling the entry posted earlier, I wrote the title for the “The Klein Rivier at Klipdrift”1 video. Amused by its alliteration, I could not resist composing a little verse about the river where I often stop to admire the speedy swallows in summer and the slow waters in winter!

  1. Klein Rivier (pronounced “cleyn Ruh-feeR” with a trilled “R”) is Afrikaans for “little river”, and Klipdrift (pronounced “clipdRift” with a trilled “R”) combines klip (“stone”) and drift (“ford”), the Afrikaans equivalent of “Stanford”.

Poetry Publication Progress (2019-09-14)

3 thoughts on “A Little Verse for a Little River

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