From Fog to Feather and Flock

Cranes on a Hill, 16 March 2018. Copyright 2018 Forgotten Fields. All rights reserved.
A herd of Blue (or Paradise) Cranes (Grus paradisea) on a hilltop. Taken mid-March in 2018 (early autumn in South Africa).

I hereby officially declare “Mist on the Mountain” complete and begin work on the “Dust and Blue” poetic sketch. I have conceived of a few new working titles for it—amongst others, “Feathers and Fleece”, “Cranes and Sheep” and “Herds” (a term of venery for both)—as “Dust and Blue” feels cryptic, and the other initial working titles are merely variations on that theme (for example, “Gold and Blue”).

Though “Herds” is tempting, it does not capture the theme of the poetic sketch—a pity, it is rather smart. I shall, therefore, use the unaffected “Cranes and Sheep” in the meantime—ever partial in poetry to straightforwardness—and have updated the progress list accordingly. On the list, I have also removed “I” from the “The Batis I” title (since “The Batis II” is now redundant) and altered it to “A Batis”.

Poetry Publication Progress (2019-10-19)

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