Time Well Wasted

A Geissorhiza, possibly G. inflexa, 12 September 2020. Copyright 2020 Forgotten Fields. All rights reserved.
A Geissorhiza, possibly G. inflexa, photographed 12 September 2020. It is mentioned incidentally in “A Wayside Wonderland”, where it appears in the Nemesia barbata set (par. 7, photo. 11).

I resumed work on “A Late Winter Morning” today after two weeks otherwise occupied, chiefly with matters of secular life; it is clear to me that it will be many weeks before the poem is complete. Why then spend “whatever hour I could spare” these past two weeks buried in botanical books instead of devoting that time to the poem?

The reason is twofold: my rural surroundings inspire my work—studying its flora, fauna, topography and history I consider my duty—and in the writing of pieces like “A Wayside Wonderland”—in which I consolidate what I learn—I often produce lines that inspire new poems1. “Time well wasted” is the phrase I reserve for these moments.

  1. The case with the above-mentioned piece, from which came a new poetic esquisse titled “A Lily” or “Lily in the Sedges” for a future anthology.

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