A Poemlet Complete

Saxicola torquatus, 8 February 2019. Copyright 2020 Forgotten Fields. All rights reserved.
An African Stonechat (Saxicola torquatus), taken 8 February 2019.

The offshoot poem from “A Late Winter Morning” (itself yet unfinished) is complete! It is light and fun, and one cannot help but laugh as one bounces through its lines.

I am undecided about its ultimate title, wavering between the simplicity of “A Morning Chat” and the sprightliness of “A Chat at Solitaire”—pum-pum pum-pum pum-paahm—which echoes the animation of the verse, but I am not pressed for a decision.

Incidentally, the date of the original draft is listed as 29 August 2020 when it came into being, but it emerged from the main poem, which was drafted 15 August 2018.

Poetry Publication Progress (2020-09-26)

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