Another Poemlet

A Blustery Day Offshoot, 17 October 2020. Copyright 2020 Forgotten Fields. All rights reserved.
The structure of “A Blustery Day” (left) and that of the offshoot poem (right).

I am currently developing “A Blustery Day”, a poem first outlined in late August 2018, and like “A Late Winter Morning”, it has unexpectedly produced an offshoot poem.

As I began developing the sketch into a first draft, four short stanzas emerged. These, in an experiment, I tried to condense into two, which worked splendidly; however, their structure so differed from that of the main poem that they could not be incorporated there, justifying a separate composition.

I shall develop this offshoot alongside the main poem as I did “A Chat” alongside “A Late Winter Morning”. If the outcome is satisfactory, I shall include it in the anthology.

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