Another Poem Completed

The lily that inspired the sketch I shall develop next, “Little Evening Lily”, filmed 19 October 2018.

I have completed “Bliss”—developed under the working title “That Is All”—a vignette of rural sights and sounds. Its cheerful theme is far removed from the solemn work that inspired it—“Dis Al” by Jan F. E. Celliers—but it does follow its rhythm.1

I shall now develop “Little Evening Lily”, a sketch in praise of my beloved Gladiolus liliaceus. Encountering a specimen in mid-spring 2018, I fell in love with the flower anew, rediscovering its beauty and role in cultivating my appreciation of flora.

  1. Iambic dimetre: “dudda DUM dudda DUM / dudda DUM dudda DUM” and so forth.
Poetry Publication Progress (2020-11-17)

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