On Poetry and Autumn

Puddles at Dawn, 19 May 2021. Copyright 2021 Forgotten Fields. All rights reserved.
Another autumn morning dawns in the Overberg. Little frogs click beside the pools and jump into the water as you tread the soggy shores. (Taken 19 May 2021, Apple iPhone 11 Pro)

The South African autumn affords those who venture out upon the hills before sunrise the most ethereal views of the Overberg. Wet with the rains of May, puddles punctuate the paths, lanes and dirt roads—mirrors crudely shaped but polished to perfection, faithfully reflecting the sky.

Surrounded by such beauty, I work diligently at my anthology. Though presently developing “Rietpypie”, I occasionally revisit poems already completed, testing those new ideas that come with re-examination, and thus, “A Batis” returns to the writing desk as I try to improve upon it.

Poetry Publication Progress (2021-05-30)