To think that one agonises for weeks or months over what will be read or recited in a moment. A poet can but hope it is the sweetest moment in a reader’s life, echoing in his soul for a lifetime thereafter.

“Mountains” progresses well. Originally a single-stanza sketch, there is now a second stanza (as is sometimes the case, the consequence of exploring different line ideas). There are also, throughout the draft, several clusters of alliteration I am eager to explore. How happy I am I did not discard the poem!

From “Rains and Roads” to “Mountains”

The second stanza for “The Sun Through the Clouds” (previously, “Rains and Roads”) has been a success. Not only does it mirror the structure of the first stanza, it complements its concept in a manner I had not anticipated when I first conceived of it. The poem then is complete; its final title, “A Sunburst!”.

In the coming days, I shall reflect upon its lines to see if they may be further refined, but I am confident that it is now in its final form. In the meantime, I have officially abandoned the “Cranes” and “Autumn Day” sketches, as my criticisms remain, but I would like to make an attempt at developing “Mountains”.

Poetry Publication Progress (2020-03-28)

I am developing the simplest idea for the second stanza of “Rains and Roads”: since the first delights at the sun breaking through the clouds, the second watches as it retreats. The subject having shifted to the sun (rather than the effects of the rain, as in the original sketch), the working title too has evolved; it is currently, “The Sun Through the Clouds”.