Lonely Swallow

I would like to share the name I have chosen for the label: Lonely Swallow. The swallow has become a major theme in my work and I have come to see it as both a metaphor for the Artist and a personification of the Muse. Things are slowly coming together and I hope to announce Artists, soon.

Lonely Swallow Logo

The image of the “lonely swallow” is taken from the second verse of the thematic poem of the Forgotten Fields album—a poem with its origins in the verse I wrote for The Zephyr and the Swallow. My work is inspired by my rural surroundings, something I wanted to honour when naming the label.

Forgotten Fields Poem, Verse Two
The Zephyr and the Swallow EP Poem

Thank You

To be an artist is to be in love: you are compelled to share your joy with others. I am in love with music and poetry, this is why I share my work with you. I want to thank you for sharing in my joy in 2017, your support inspires me and fills me with gratitude. – Forgotten Fields

Thank you.
A swallow flying over a field in summer.