The Embarrassing Beginnings​ of a Poem

Malachite Sunbird
One of a number of beautiful Malachite Sunbirds that live in the garden.

Start Rough

It is amusing to see how a poem begins, the messy and awkward struggle to express a thought in verse. These are the embarrassing beginnings of “The Sunbird”, a poem I wrote whilst watching a sunbird in the garden, last year.

It began as a rough draft in a notebook:

“The Sunbird” poem began as two verses scribbled in a notebook.

This recording was made after I wrote the first draft—if you listen closely, you can hear the sunbird chirping in the background:

Stay Rough

I then started developing it further:

A screenshot of the second draft of “The Sunbird”.

I shall eventually​ develop this into a complete poem.

Thank You

To be an artist is to be in love: you are compelled to share your joy with others. I am in love with music and poetry, this is why I share my work with you. I want to thank you for sharing in my joy in 2017, your support inspires me and fills me with gratitude. – Forgotten Fields

Thank you.
A swallow flying over a field in summer.