I am developing the simplest idea for the second stanza of “Rains and Roads”: since the first delights at the sun breaking through the clouds, the second watches as it retreats. The subject having shifted to the sun (rather than the effects of the rain, as in the original sketch), the working title too has evolved; it is currently, “The Sun Through the Clouds”.

Timorously developing the rough lines of the “Rains and Roads” poetic sketch, here and there, a promising phrase emerges—like the very sunlight through clouds they describe. The poem muses upon a moment not unlike the one I include here, photographed in late spring, 2018. (So bright was the sun that the iPhone camera could not bear it!) I suspect “Rains and Roads” will be a single stanza to echo the transience of the scene. Indeed, nothing worthy comes to mind for a second stanza just yet.

The Sun Through the Clouds, 27 November 2018. Copyright 2018 Forgotten Fields. All rights reserved.

Allow me to share with you the insanity of my pedantry. Fully aware of the fact that once published, the text will not be displayed as written in Evernote, I nonetheless take great pains to ensure that the paragraph lengths correspond. In this post, paragraphs one, three, four and six have the same line lengths, as do paragraphs two, five and seven. Imagine my disappointment when I could not also express the “To the next poem” part in three paragraphs!

"Autumn" is Complete, 1 March 2020. Copyright 2020 Forgotten Fields. All rights reserved.