Airship, the official album cover

The official cover art for the Airship album by Forgotten Fields
The official cover art for the Airship album

And there it is

The official cover of Airship shows an airship moving through the clouds, majestic and graceful. We only have a momentary glimpse as it briefly comes into view. That is my favourite part! The black and white hearkens back to the golden age of lighter-than-air flight. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Airship will be available for pre-order as of tomorrow (25 September 2016).


Creating cover art for Airship, Part III

 Rough cover art mock-ups for the upcoming Airship album
Rough cover art mock-ups for the upcoming Airship album


I thought I’d share some of the rough sketches I’ve done for the Airship album cover. They were made in the past couple of months to help me visualise the layout. I’ve written previously about the concept, but briefly, it illustrates the inspiration for the album: the maiden flight of an airship.


I pictured the crew preparing for the test, the crowd looking on in anticipation—an atmosphere of excitement and wonder! Over time, this idea evolved and took on an abstract feel. I thought of the flight itself and the ship moving through the clouds. But, I kept coming back to the idea of the airship looming overhead, imposing and terrible, a giant in the sky! I pictured myself standing on the ground as it passes over—a speck in its shadow, agape with awe! Just look at the size of a Hindenburg in relation to the Empire State!

A graphic size comparison between the Hindenburg airship and the Empire State building
The Hindenburg vs the Empire State


I hope I headed in the right direction, in the end. I will reveal the final artwork with the launch of the Forgotten Fields Bandcamp page, in the not too distant future. I’m excited and nervous—mostly nervous—but, I tell myself that’s a good thing.