I am, of course, deep in the entrails of the “Autumn” poem, but I confess I have been salivating in anticipation of developing “Little River”, ever since I composed the original sketch, last spring. Now and then, in idle moments, I run over its rudimentary lines and beam with excitement for what they might become!

I conceived of an excellent solution for the incongruous fourth stanza of the “Autumn” poem only to discover—once I considered it in the context of the larger poem—that I had unwittingly created a new problem: its rhyming words shared their diphthongs (/uː/ in “through” and “view”) with those of the very next stanza (that in “dew” and “new”)! This is too overpowering a repetition in the overall structure, and I must now rethink the fourth stanza, once again!

Today, I resumed my writing. I began with a stanza from the “Autumn” poem draft that hitherto I have considered complete, but now find incongruous. I am pleased to report that already I have composed, in rough form, several alternatives. This does, of course, further postpone the completion of the poem, but it cannot be helped!